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What We Do

We are a custom woodwork and fabrication shop. The bulk of our work is either residential furniture or commercial build-outs. We build freestanding pieces, as well as built-in work, such as shelving and cabinetry. We work with designers, project managers, and architects, as well as directly with residential clients. All of our projects include basic 3D modeling, in house finishing, and delivery. 

All of our projects start with a phone call or an email, so please don't hesitate to reach out. We do this because we love the process. Even if you don't know exactly what you're looking for, we are more than happy to work with you to create something that you truly adore.

Christopher Hawley

205 568 2603

I’m still working on getting the hinges

Who We Are

Christopher Hawley

Hey im Chris. I started Mule in 2019 as a small custom furniture studio.

My background in craft started in Western North Carolina, where i had a unique opportunity to learn traditional american furniture making from a handful of incredible craftspeople. 

I do not pretend to be a traditional furniture maker, i liberally use contemporary machinery and rarely get out my hand planes, but my background in a more antiquated approach has continued to serve me in how i apply the methods of modern furniture making.  

Chilton Mendez

Chili is my partner at Mule. Born and raised in Wimberly, Texas, he operates as a shop manager at our space in east Austin. 

Chili is a talented woodworker, but seems to have an endless knowledge of every adjacent trade, and therefore is sort of our installation specialist. He's worked in solar energy, built a tiny house, and is a certified forearm model, but his real expertise in problem solving, which makes him one of the best woodworkers in Austin. 


205 568 2603

Austin, Texas

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